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13.3.5 touches on other objects or persons outside the court; (To the extent required by the structure of the building, the local badminton authority may, subject to the veto power of its member association, issue statutes dealing with cases where a shuttle touches an obstacle). Gao Ling is the only four-time Olympic medallist in badminton, with two gold medals in mixed doubles in 2000 and 2004, as well as bronze and silver in women`s doubles at these Games. As amended and adopted by the BWF in May 2021. Historical versions are also available. The laws are a subset of the complete BWF manual (rendered as a PDF booklet for simplicity), which also covers all aspects of the competition. The laws are also available as a PDF booklet or directly on the BWF website. Birdie, also called badminton, is the unique “ball” of badminton. Want to know more about badminton? Here`s an overview of the rules and equipment you`ll need to play, as well as a brief history of the sport at the Olympics. Badminton, since the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, now has five disciplines at the Games after the introduction of mixed doubles in Atlanta in 1996. except in the minutes of wheelchair bathing in case of error. For more information on this site ( www.worldbadminton.com/rules ) Contact: Indonesia won both gold medals in singles at the Olympic debut in badminton courtesy of Alan Budikusuma and Susi Susanti, while the Republic of Korea won both doubles titles offered. As described by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), here is a simplified overview of the rules of badminton.

Although badminton is the most popular in Asia, it also attracts a lot of interest in Europe, with Danish players regularly competing for the highest awards. The badminton laws and competition regulations in the BWF Statutes provide details of all aspects of the game of badminton. Denmark, Japan and Spain each have a gold medal, with India turning to women`s world champion and Rio 2016 silver medallist PV Sindhu to win her country`s first Olympic title in badminton. In singles, a badminton court is 13.41 m (44 feet) long and 5.18 m (17 feet) wide. The width extends up to 6.1 m (20 feet) in the double bedroom. 16.6.3 engage in offensive or inappropriate conduct; or 13.4.1. touches the net or its supports with a bat, person or dress; 6.1.2 to start the game at either end of the course. 9.3 Once started (Law 9.2), the service is provided if the shuttle is hit by the server`s racket or if the server misses the shuttle while trying to serve. Criticism of the offending site if previously warned. or 8.2 If the ends are not modified as specified in Law 8.1, this must be done as soon as the error is detected and when the shuttle is not in play. The existing score should last. 17.5 The decision of an official is final in all the facts for which he is responsible, except in the case, to learn more about the racquet sport that has been represented at the Summer Olympics since 1992. 9.1.2 After the completion of the backward movement of the server club leader, any delay in starting the service (Law 9.2) will be considered an unreasonable delay; 2.2.5. The base shall have a diameter of 25 mm to 28 mm and shall be rounded to the bottom. 11.1.6 Service at each tour of duty shall be effected by the court of service corresponding to the note of the serving party, unless provided for in Law 12. 17.6.4 appoint or replace a lineman or duty judge in consultation with the arbitrator; 3.1 To test a shuttle, a player must use a complete on-hand strike that makes contact with the shuttle via the rear demarcation line.

The shuttle shall be struck at an upward angle and in a direction parallel to the lateral lines. 16.3.2 In special circumstances, the referee may request the referee to suspend the match. 11.4.1 from the origin server that started the game from the correct service location The information here is presented as is. My intention is to make it as accurate as possible, but I cannot take responsibility for errors or omissions. This is the official version of the BWF, which is rendered in HTML format. Please contact me with corrections or updates and I will incorporate them into this presentation. Last modification: 03 Jun 2021 10:34. 16.4.1 Under no circumstances may the game be delayed to allow a player to regain strength or wind or receive advice. If the result is 20-20, a team with two clear points must win to win the game.

If he reaches 29-29, the first to get his 30th point wins. 17.2 The referee, if appointed, is responsible for the game, the pitch and its immediate surroundings. The arbitrator reports to the arbitrator. 17.3 The duty judge must call the service errors made by the server when they occur (Law 9.1.2 to 9.1.8). 14.2.7 any unforeseen or accidental situation has occurred. 13.2.2. is stuck in the net after passing through the net; or 16.6.4 are guilty of misconduct not covered by badminton laws. 16.7.2 In the event of a complaint about a Page (Law or, the Referee must immediately report the offending Party to the Referee, who has the power to disqualify the offending team from the Game.

RULES OF BADMINTON (16): CONTINUOUS PLAY, MISCONDUCT AND PENALTIES 7.4 When the score becomes 20-all, the team that first wins a two-point lead wins this match. When the receiving page accepts the period, it assumes that it serves. In the future, the player who did not originally serve for each team will not take over the service until his team earns a point as a receiver. does not exceed 35 mm of the width of the extended rope area; and 13.3.6 is caught and held on the racket and then thrown during the execution of a blow; 9.1.6 The entire shuttle shall be within 1.15 metres of the surface of the field at the time it is struck by the server`s racket; 9.1.8 When attempting to serve, the server shall not miss the shuttle. 2.2.3. The ends of the springs shall rest in a circle with a diameter of 58 mm to 68 mm. 16.6.1 intentionally cause a delay or suspension of the Game; 10.1.1 Players must serve and receive from their respective Legal Service Tribunals if the Server has not scored any or an even number of Points in this Game.

16.5.2 No player may leave the field during a match without the permission of the referee, which results in a delay in the match, except during the intervals described in Law 16.2. 13.4.2 enters the opposing field with the bat or person via the net, except that the attacker may follow the shuttle with the racket during a shot on the net after the first point of contact with the shuttle is on the attacker`s side of the net;. Complaints by the offending party for gross criminal offences. 16.5.1 Only if the shuttle is not in play (Law 15) and until the players have taken a position to serve and receive, a player may receive advice during a game. 9.1.5 The server racket shall first hit the base of the shuttle; 16.2.2 Between the first and second games and between the second and second games, 120 seconds are not allowed in all games. (In the case of a televised match, the referee may decide before the match that the intervals provided for in Law 16.2 are mandatory and of a fixed duration.) 2.2.2. Springs shall have a uniform length between 62 mm and 70 mm when measured from the tip to the top of the base. 13.3.9 touches a player`s racket and does not move on the opponent`s field; 4.3.2 shall be free from any device allowing a player to substantially alter the shape of the racket. Korea is second with seven gold, six silver and six bronze medals, followed by Indonesia with six gold, seven silver and six bronze medals.

Each player retains the service as long as he earns points. A point is earned when the birdie (badminton) hits the ground in the opponent`s half of the field, including the lines. 2.2.4. Springs shall be securely secured by a thread or other suitable material. 17.6.2 to rule on an appeal relating to a point of dispute if it is made before the provision of the next service; 17.4 A lineman shall indicate whether a shuttle has landed “inside” or outside on the assigned line(s). 9.1.4 Part of both feet of the server and the recipient must remain in contact with the court surface from the beginning of the service (Law 9.2) until the provision of the service in a stationary position (Law 9.3); 17.6.7 record all matters relating to Bill 16 and report them to the arbitrator; and 2.1 The shuttle shall be made of natural and/or synthetic materials. Regardless of the material of the shuttle, the flight characteristics should usually be similar to those of a natural feathered shuttle with a cork base covered with a thin layer of leather.