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A Leader Among Urban Developers

Al Marasem International for Development was established in Egypt in 1997. Since its inception, it has been on a mission to become one of Egypt’s largest contractors; one it has been extremely successful in fulfilling, cementing its status as one of the major players in Egypt’s real estate sector. To date, its track record includes a number of mega projects that have contributed to the overall growth of the local market. The company’s expertise is clearly reflected in the activities and projects it launched in Egypt over the past 20 years, during which the company conducted extensive market research to efficiently guide it in its quest to provide a range of projects and services that best suit the diverse needs of the Egyptian market. 

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Airport and Luxury Residential Compound Development

Of the diverse number of projects completed by Al Marasem are Hurghada International Airport’s new Terminal building and its annexes; the renovation of Cairo International Airport’s Terminal 1 facades and Terminal 2 building; the new Terminal building at Sharm El Sheikh Airport; and the expansion of Alexandria’s Nozha International Airport. The company has extensive experience in post-delivery project management – specifically, airports. Al Marasem managed and operated Cairo Airport’s passenger transport train for five years running, following the project’s delivery. Due to its track record of commitment and outstanding performance, Al Marasem has managed to secure several mega projects funded by international institutions such as the World Bank.

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Fifth Square Residences

In mid-2017, Al Marasem began implementing a strong push towards expansion in the real estate market with the launch of its Fifth Square project, its inaugural residential compound in New Cairo.

With its illustrious track record, the company capitalizes on its stellar position as one of Egypt’s most distinguished players in the field, in a manner that best serves its newly aligned focus on real estate investment. It utilizes all of its resources – factories, equipment and workforce – to optimally drive its business plans, provide the finest service to its customers, and maximize its expansion into the field of real estate investment.

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Meeting All Deadlines, One of Al Marasem’s Pillars

Organizing the company’s construction operations relies on many factors that require advanced management skills, and over the course of its many years as an industry leader, Al Marasem has gained a reputation for excellence, stemming from its commitment to on-schedule delivery and its strict adherence to top quality standards in every phase of any project under its purview.

Al Marasem believes in providing its customers with the highest value for their investments, from exceptional locations, services and facilities, to comprehensive enterprise management, aimed at maximizing customers’ return on investment. As part of its ongoing pursuit of excellence, Al Marasem invests heavily in the development and training of all its employees.

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